Mules rest before leaving Chiquian on our 5 day circuit to the Cordillera Huayhuash.
Loading the mules.
Rest day at Lake Jahuacocha. Foreground: Robert and Cathy. Background, left to right: Rondoy(5870m), Jirishanca(6094m), and shoulder of Yerupaja(6634m)
Tents at Lake Jahuacocha.
Britanio and Robert consulting the map. Thatch farmhouse in back.
Britanio cleans one of the fish he caught.
James, Robert and Cathy approach the high pass. Why is that crazy British guy wearing shorts at 16,000ft?
Robert at the high pass, Rondoy in back.
Cathy Ross and Cathy Sage at our last campsite.
Robert and James at our last campsite.
Entering Britanio's home town, Pocpa.
Cathy, Robert, Britanio, James, Cathy Ross.